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ShefFood is a cross-sector partnership of organisations across the city formed of local public agencies, businesses, individuals, academic and community organisations committed to working together to create a more sustainable food system for Sheffield.
When the food system works for People and for the Planet, it brings communities together; makes us all happier and healthier; and develops local economies for both today and tomorrow. The partnership exists to catalyse these efforts, bring ideas together to make a food system in Sheffield that works for everyone.

The food we eat comes from complex global systems,  which cover countless hands and activities from farm to fork and beyond. Our food system, at all levels, is facing many crises. Were asking you to take action and sign up to help get #ShefftoSilver, and have your say in ShefFood’s Food Strategy for Sheffield.

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Sheffield’s Food Charter

Makes sure everyone in Sheffield has, by default, access to healthy, sustainable, culturally appropriate and affordable food.

Use the power of good food to bring people together, creating cohesive communities through celebrating experiences and sharing knowledge.

Encourages a diverse and vibrant food economy that promotes and prioritises local producers, boosts the local economy and treats customers, workers and nature well.

Develop resilient practices from farm to fork and beyond, which reduce emissions and waste levels to feed tomorrow as well as today.

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May 16, 2024

Join ShefFood for the next growing & compost working group meeting about Land for Growing! All are welcome to join.

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