Good Food Movement Working Group

Building public awareness, active food citizenship and a local good food movement.

A Healthier, Stronger Sheffield

ShefFood’s Open Meetings are working towards a Good Food Movement for Sheffield. This is about ensuring that all of Sheffield’s communities and institutions are able to influence Sheffield’s food system. A Good Food Movement is one that:

  • Ensures the shift towards fairer, healthier and greener food works for all.
  • Is inclusive of communities that are typically underrepresented in the food movement, who are at greatest risk of experiencing food insecurity, and who have the most limited access to land.
  • Enables those involved in diverse food activities to connect and collaborate.
  • Celebrates the good food stories in the city (of which there are many!) and uses these to influence city-wide, regional, national and global change.

Working Group Contacts

ShefFood Team

Resources & Getting Involved

We invite anyone and everyone in the city who wants to be a part of this movement to come along to our next Open Meeting.

Success in Sheffield So Far…

While our goal is about moving forward, it’s also important to celebrate the fantastic work that has been achieved when we pull together as an organisation, a city or a community!

  • ShefFood continues collaborating on food systems research with The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Sheffield hosted two major food conferences in 2022: the Nutrition Society and UKRI Transforming UK Food Systems.
  • Sheffield is home to many fantastic food festivals and organisations that are making food a celebration and central to our culture as a city.