Good Food Economy Working Group

The Good Food Economy Working Group is dedicated to building a diverse and vibrant food economy that treats producers, customers, workers and nature well.

A Resilient, Thriving Local Economy

The group brings together local food producers, food retailers, the hospitality industry, the city council and researchers to work together for a good food economy for Sheffield.

The group’s current priorities are developing a recognisable local ‘brand’ for sustainable food which connects local producers with businesses and hospitality for consumers and working together to build the collective infrastructure for procurement and distribution.

Working Group Contacts

ShefFood Team

Resources & Getting Involved

The group believes in the power of partnerships and collaborations to achieve our goals, which is why we invite individuals and organisations ranging from community and commercial growers to academics, policymakers, schools and everyone in between and beyond to join us! 

Success in Sheffield So Far…

While our goal is about moving forward, it’s also important to celebrate the fantastic work that has been achieved so far in the sphere of growing, composting and nature-friendly food systems.

  • Sheffood’s Good Food Economy and Procurement Working Group has expanded to include passionate catering managers collectively responsible for over 120,000 meals a week and key business leaders in Sheffield.
  • Sheffield has an abundance of independent cafes, restaurants and food businesses, many of whom have been nationally recognised for their outstanding food and sustainability principles.