Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, events, workshops and talks are still taking place. Join us online to keep the movement alive and conitnue sharing knowledge aorund Sheffield.

Discussions over dinner 29/10/2018

Free Sheffield Hallam

For more information, ask on the forum.


Feeding Sheffield Sustainably by Festival of Debate x ShefFood 15/05/2021

Free Online Event

In association with the Institute for Sustainable Food & ShefFood - Sheffield’s Food Partnership

Reform to our food system is a pressing issue, and our conversations about food are all too often siloed between problems around food waste, food security or poverty, and local food production and sustainability.

Within these complex issues we face clear emergencies; one of people experiencing severe precarity leading ultimately to multiple poor health outcomes, and the other of deepening climate change and the urgent need to secure a low carbon and sustainable food system for the city, which can contribute to improved air quality and access to good-quality, locally-grown food.

This half-day conference seeks to bring civil society organisations who work in local food production, food waste and food poverty initiatives together to discuss how their work can complement and reinvigorate our approach to food in Sheffield.

With quick-fire contributions from speakers from a range of organisations discussing the issues of food on their plate, alongside their visions for how food issues can be managed differently, this innovative conference will draw out the connections between work on food poverty, production and waste in the city - and begin to map pathways between those issues, for the benefit of all residents in Sheffield.

Speakers include:

Prof Duncan Cameron - University of Sheffield, Institute for Sustainable Food

Dr Alexandra Sexton - University of Sheffield, Institute for Sustainable Food

Debbie Mathews - Manor & Castle Development Trust & S2 Food Bank

Gareth Roberts - Sheffield Food Partnership & Regather

Rene Meijer - Food Works

Sam Evans - S6 Food Bank

Martin Yarnit - Food Hubs

Sue Pearson - Heeley City Farm

Fran Halsall - Regather


IoSF:Food is our Common Language 16/04/2021

Free Virtual workshop

Food is what brings us together. Through food, we form our most profound and most complex relations with other humans and with our environments. Formed well, these relations support health and flourishing; formed badly, they create dysfunctions, inequalities, and degradation.

In the UK, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes to food systems catalysed by Brexit have brought food into the spotlight in an unprecedented way. The ongoing challenges of environmental degradation, diet related morbidities, and food insecurity mean improving food systems from field to fork has never been more pressing.

This conference catalyses interdisciplinary conversations on the most urgent issues associated with food systems today under the umbrella of the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield.

Keynote speakers include:

Henry DimblebyNational Food Strategy

Flora HetheringtonTransforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme

Professor Tim LangCity University of London

Sue PritchardFood, Farming and Countryside Commission

Academics and researchers from the Institute for Sustainable Food will also form panel discussions on:

  1. Justice and food
  2. Changing food
  3. Future of food

Sermon of the Soil: Soil Degradation & The Unfolding Global Disaster 24/05/2019

Free Millennium Gallery

Professor Duncan Cameron, co-director of the Institute of Sustainable Food, talks about his research into soil degradation across the globe, one of the greatest threats to agriculture. Prof. Cameron looks at the past and present issues, and what we can do to develop sustainable agriculture to feed the world’s population.


Sheffood Award Accelerator 24/05/2019

Millennium Gallery

What is the ShefFood Award Accelerator?

It’s a series of short, engaging activities focused entirely on recognising and celebrating the fantastic work you and your organisation does for food and drink in Sheffield, and achieving a Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award for Sheffield.

What is ShefFood?

ShefFood is the food partnership for Sheffield. We are a cross-sector partnership of local public agencies, businesses, academic and community organisations committed to working together to create a more sustainable food system for Sheffield.

Why should you attend?

Your participation will significantly increase the ability of Sheffield to achieve a Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award by 2020, which is all about recognising Sheffield as a city taking action across 6 Key Issues:

Promoting healthy and sustainable food to the public Tackling food poverty, diet-related ill health and access to affordable healthy food Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects Promoting a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy Transforming catering and food procurement Reducing waste and the ecological footprint of the food system

What will you be asked to do?

The workshop will involve a series of engaging activities designed to help capture what you and your organisation are doing towards achieving significant positive change on a range of key food issues. By the end of the session we will help you to:

become an active, connected member of ShefFood identify your roles and relationships within the Sheffield food system explore your positive social impact on health, communities and livelihoods become an active, connected member of ShefFood recognise and celebrate your work towards the Sustainable Food Cities ‘6 Key issues’

What’s for lunch?

It’s the first day of the Sheffield Food Festival, so we’ll explore what’s on offer and enjoy some social eating street food style!

What’s the schedule?

09.30 Registration | 10.00 Morning Session | 12.30 Lunch | 13.30 Afternoon Session | 16.00 Closing Session | 16.30 End | 18-19.00 Sermon of the Soil

Anything happening in the evening?

Yes! - It’s the ‘Sermon of the Soil’ event at 6pm in the Millennium Gallery. See below for further info.

What will happen afterwards?

The ShefFood Award Accelerator will continue throughout the Sheffield Food Festival (25-27 May) in the ShefFood Village, Millennium Square. The ShefFood team will engage a wider public and food business audience to seek feedback, raise awareness and help create a more sustainable food system for Sheffield. See here for more info.


Sheffood Village 25/05/2019

Free Millennium Square

Join Sheffield’s food for purpose organisations in the Winter Garden and Millennium Square.

What’s Happening in the ShefFood Village?

Sheffield hosts a fantastic range of organisations who engage with food the people of Sheffield at every stage of our food system - from growing vegetables, to learning how to cook, to dealing with food waste. Join us in the ShefFood Village to share food, drink and conversation together, to enjoy hands-on activities, to meet and chat with the people making it happen and to learn how we can all work together to make the food system in Sheffield better for everyone. The ShefFood Village is proudly co-presented by…

Food Works- working to reduce food waste and show what can be done with it in the right hands. Sheffield Climate Alliance- taking fair and effective action to tackle climate change. Regather- helping Sheffield communities eat better food.

There will be hands-on activities and people who will talk with you about… Seed Sowing | Fruit Juicing | Cooking and Eating Together | Making Beer and Cider | Reducing Food Waste | Food and Climate Change | Food Citizenship | Beekeeping | Seed Swapping | Keeping an Allotment | Community Food Growing | Zero Packaging | Home Composting | Keeping Chickens at Home | Healthy Eating | Food Partnerships | Being Sugar Smart | and much more…

Food Explorers Trail | Sat - Mon | 11-6pm

Have fun exploring the Sheffield Food Festival with the ShefFood Explorers Trail. Follow the trail, answer the questions and get your reward! Learn fun food facts and how your food system works. Pick up the trail leaflet from Regather in the ShefFood Village. Suitable for all ages.

Food For Thought ‘Table Talks’ | Sat - Mon | 12-4pm

Curious about food and how we feed ourselves? Passionate about better food for everyone? Look out for the ‘ShefFood’ t-shirts and the ‘Table Talks’ signs and join us to share food, drink and conversation together and learn how we can all work together to make the food system in Sheffield better for everyone.

Mr & Mrs VegHead | Sat - Mon | 12-2pm

A Sheffield Food Festival twist to everyone’s favourite Mr Potato Head, everything you need to make a crazy fruit and veg head will be provided. There will be fruit & veg head selfies to share on social media, and a competition for the best head ever!! Suitable for all ages.

No Junk Fruit Juicing | Sat | 2-4pm

Kids love drinking fruit juice, but do they know how easy it is to make? Kids can get hands on and messy as they learn about the simple process of making (and drinking!) fruit juice. Fresh fruit, leftover fruit or any fruit that would otherwise go to waste will be available to use, so it’s a great opportunity to learn about reducing food waste too.

Keeping Chickens At Home | Sun | 2-4pm

Kids love visiting the farm and learning where their food comes from. Kids also love taking care of pets. Keeping chickens is a great way to combine both, plus the family gets to eat fresh, tasty eggs. There will be a small flock of hens to watch and feed, and people who are passionate about chickens to talk with.

Kids Seed Sowing | Mon | 2-4pm

Kids love growing their own veg & once they have grown their own they are more likely to eat them and they’ll have learned a little bit about where food comes from. Kids can decorate their own pot and plant some veggie seeds to take home. Even if you don’t have a garden you can grow your own delicious vegetables in a window box or on a balcony, it’s easy!

Disco Soup | Sat - Mon | 4-6pm

Join the party as we collect, chop, and cook leftover food or any food that would otherwise go to waste. The music will be pumping, everyone will be dancing and we’ll all enjoy delicious soup!