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ShefFood is a partnership of organisations across the city working towards a sustainable food system in Sheffield that works for People and Planet. When the food system works for People and for Planet, it brings communities together; makes us all happier and healthier; and develops local economies for both today and tomorrow. Our charter sets out this vision. Anyone in the city can sign the charter and make a pledge from individuals to businesses,  community groups and university institutions.  The partnership exists to catalyse these efforts and bring ideas together to make a food system in Sheffield that works for all. If you think you can contribute to this, then please sign the charter and Get Involved

Building Together

For the last 13 years (2009-2022) a group of people with a passion for sustainable food have continued to meet regularly and work together. Following the successful Sustainable Food Partnerships Bronze Award Application, the #ShefToSilver ShefFood Charter was launched, to bring more organisations into the partnership and expand the knowledge and experience base.

Sheffield’s Food Charter


Makes sure everyone in Sheffield has, by default, access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food.


Uses the power of good food to bring people together, creating cohesive communities through celebrating experiences and sharing knowledge.


Encourages a diverse and vibrant food economy that promotes and prioritises local producers, boosts the local economy and treats customers, workers and nature well.

Sheffield Organisations & Partners

Any food related organisation in Sheffield is welcome to join the ShefFood partnership, simply by agreeing and committing to the terms of the Charter. If you would like to contribute your food sector expertise to the partnership or become a partner organisation, please get in touch. We endeavour to keep this page up to date where possible.


A community food business, with a vision for a values-based community food system, where land is more productive; food is fair & better quality; money is retained in the local economy; health & environment are improved; and people are engaged in how their food system, from local to global, can change for the better.

Heeley City Farm

A lively community hub with activities delivered all year round. Alongside volunteers, the farm grows many tonnes of fresh produce from their gardens and allotments, promoting healthy eating and low-carbon lifestyles. Young people help care for the animals at the farm through a vocational education programme.

Food Works

“Every Mouthful Matters” – Sheffield’s leading force in the fight against food waste. The aim is to help make Sheffield the first city in the UK with zero food waste. Operates food hubs in Wyborn and Sharrow, offering volunteering opportunities, prepared meals, box scheme, grocery market and locally grown produce.

Green City Action

Run a low-cost Toolbank for the whole of Sheffield; teach and encourage food growing on our community allotment; and work with local schools to raise awareness of where food comes from, local wildlife and other environmental education.

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

Alliance of over 35 local organisations, including all ShefFood lead partners, and many individuals who are pressing for fair and effective action to tackle climate change. Recently awarded £200k development funding from The National Lottery Climate Action Fund.

Food Hall

Community kitchen and public dining space with an emphasis on the importance of the community in running the space. Communal meals are supplied from surplus food on a pay as you feel basis. The space acts as a home for skill sharing and events developed from the needs of the Foodhall community.

Together For Sheffield

Collaboration of organizations to support each other towards one common goal; to make Sheffield a better place. Facilitates coordination between the 3rd sector and local council to respond to demand for emergency food provision through the understanding that knowledge sharing and collaboration can create a more effective response.

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church works to tackle issues related to Food Poverty through their Time Builders growing club, Social Supermarket membership and St Mary’s café.

Sheffield Food Bank network

The Sheffield Food Bank network is a collaboration of food banks across Sheffield. The network aims to reduce food poverty and offer access to emergency food supplies, which have been a lifeline to individuals throughout the COVId-19 pandemic.


Opus works across independent, community and voluntary sector organisations to reach over 150,000 people a year through live events, broadcasting and publishing. Opus has regularly hosted the Festival of debate and conducted conversations around Sheffield.

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation

SYCF supports community action happening around Sheffield and distributes grants and funding to enable organisations to increase their impact on their local community.

Regather is the accountable body and employs a team of coordinators on behalf of the partnership.

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