Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

A local charity working in Sheffield and Rotherham and are one of 46 individual Wildlife Trusts in the Federation of Wildlife Trusts. For the benefit of nature and people in Sheffield & Rotherham, working with our members, volunteers, local people, partners and the wider Wildlife Trust family, and by acting locally and thinking globally, we will turn around the ecological emergency and put nature in recovery by; securing enough land and water that’s great for nature, bringing back wildlife and empowering people to take action, care for and respect nature, ensure everyone in Sheffield & Rotherham can experience and enjoy the benefits that nature brings and work with nature to help solve the climate crisis.


We provide advice on how to grow fruit and vegetables in a nature-friendly way e.g. through wildlife gardening or wildlife friendly allotments. We provide this advice through the Action for Nature Toolkit and by highlighting the great work of partners in Nature Recovery Sheffield and Rotherham through case studies, stories and the Community Action Map (all found on the toolkit We have also recently purchased Ughill Farm which will be a nature-friendly farming demonstration site and we provide advice to farmers more widely on nature-friendly farming