Food, Health & Obesity Working Group

Everyone in Sheffield should be able to access and enjoy nutritious, healthy, culturally appropriate food the boosts their lifestyle.

A Healthier, Stronger Sheffield

Research by the University of Sheffield revealed that in 2021, over 2.5% of adults in the city experienced hunger due to lack of food, while 11.43% worried about accessing sufficient food. More recently, this has worsened due to the cost of living crisis. Food poverty and powerful commercial influences also mean many people in the city are unable to access the nutritious food they need to live healthy lives.

The Food, Health and Obesity working group brings together individuals and organisations who are united by a commitment to change this and to create a Sheffield where everyone – both today and in the future – can always access and enjoy nutritious food and any support they may need with diet and weight, in a place and format that is compassionate, accessible, and culturally appropriate. 

We invite anyone who shares this vision to get in touch.

Working Group Contacts

ShefFood Team

Success in Sheffield So Far…

While our goal is about moving forward, it’s also important to celebrate the fantastic work that has been achieved so far in the sphere of growing, composting and nature-friendly food systems.

  • Live Lighter runs 12-week groups for adults in Sheffield that focus on education, community, empowerment and small sustainable changes.
  • SHINE Health Academy Sheffield has implemented grassroots child weight management schemes across the city for 20 years.
  • Hot Food Takeaways planning policy proposed in draft local plan: no new takeaways within 800m of schools in Sheffield.