United Women Affiliation

United Women Affiliation (UWA) is a charity organisation which empower underprivileged women, single mothers and young people through; social and financial wellbeing education awareness, emotional and social wellbeing support, cultural tailored health education and promotion, promoting physical wellbeing through gardening, outreach services support and reducing loneliness, parenting awareness, signposting and befriending, English conversation (social inclusion), language barrier support and also support a small cohort of single fathers.


UWA has an allotment which promote physical activities such as farming in Grimesthorpe Allotment. We recently started harvesting our vegetables in early July and we have been harvesting every after seven to ten days. In each harvest we were able to feed an average of 50 families which is each small bundle per family. However due to excess rain and pest our harvest started decreasing as much of the vegetables were wasted. The vegetables planted can be harvested every 7-10 days for up to six month which provides sustainable supply of vegetables but also, we do organic farming as we do not use chemicals.