Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society Research Cluster, Sheffield Hallam University

The CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society) research cluster is an inclusive, interdisciplinary and collaborative research cluster broadly focused on food and drink. Based at Sheffield Hallam University, the group brings together academics, food/drink practitioners and interested members of the public. Our research is rooted in the real world, addressing the socio-cultural, environmental, and behavioural dimensions of food and drink through academic publications, consultancy, public engagement activities and research-led teaching.


CHEFS is made up of three groups: Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society (CHEFS) focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of food and drink; Surplus Waste and Excess Food in Society (SWEFS) focuses on drivers and potential interventions to address food waste; Sheffield Hallam Appetite Research (SHARe) focuses on appetite regulation and modulation.