Ammi’s Kitchen Sheffield

Ammi's Kitchen is a social enterprise in Nether Edge, that is part of the community organisation Family Voice Sheffield. We work with local women that are non-English speakers, socially isolated and may lack formal educational backgrounds.


At Ammi's Kitchen we provide an employment pipeline for women to be trained on a bespoke ESOL Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene course, once they have passed the test they are able to join the Ammi's Kitchen team and gain paid work in the kitchen. We run a fortnightly takeaway, selling a set meal to the local community, the women Chefs decide on the meal, they prepare the food and then cook it and then cool it down and customers collect it later that day and can reheat it at home. We offer the meal at a reduced price if customers bring their own containers to take the meal home in, and have sold reusable tiffins for people to do this as well. We encourage people that live locally to buy the meal so that they are able to walk to collect it. We also run a community lunch fortnightly which is a warm space for people to come and keep warm, it is pay as you feel and free to those on benefits, so people are able to get a free warm meal. Community lunch is open to all, and it is a great way for two communities to come together, many of our Family Voice clients attend the lunch but it is also attended by other members of the local community that would not perhaps have connected with each other. All the food we make is vegetarian, the meal is vegan and we always try to cook with as much seasonal food as possible. If we have any left over food that is cooked we freeze it and provide to families in need.