The Compost Connection

The Compost Connection is a brand new start-up venture which plans to collect local food waste and produce a living compost full of fungi, beneficial bacterial, nematodes and protozoa which will help gardeners and growers create a beautiful organic living soil.


Food waste would be collected from local homes and businesses by cargo bike or electric van and combined with waste wood products (sawdust or woodchip) and composted aerobically initially via an in-vessel composter and then matured using the Johnson-Su bioreactor principles. The compost would then be returned to the householders via a membership scheme or supplied locally to home gardeners, allotmenters and local growers. The business will be incorporated on B-Corp standards and should it grow to employ people then they would hold a stake in the business. Ideally the business will operate locallyy with the aim of supporting other communities across Sheffield and further afield to recreate it on a local co-operative/community basis.