The Sunday Centre

The Sunday Centre supports the local community of Sheffield by providing a safe, warm community space for anyone who needs it. The Sunday Centre has been providing care and community since 1991. The service provides a warm hot meal free of charge and access to hot drinks, toiletries, clothes and wash facilities. It is based at Victoria Hall Methodist Church and runs from 1.30-3.00 pm every Sunday, run entirely by a cohesive volunteer group. The Sunday Centre welcomes anyone from the community, especially those most vulnerable.


Food provision is at the heart of what The Sunday Centre can offer, everyone should have access to a hot nutritious meal and we ensure to instill sustainable food practices when delivering this service. The Sunday Centre currently serves over a 100 guests and to do this requires tremendous planning and coordinating with the kitchen volunteering team. Currently, we prioritise supporting local businesses through purchases as much of our food provisions through them - this involves buying meat from a local family butchers each week, local fruit and veg from The Moor Market traders, and ordering products from a local food bank. From this we have come to develop invaluable relationships with traders in the City Centre, which we believe contributes to sustainable food practices. We are committed to continue finding sustainable food practices our plans include utilising excess food waste donations from large chain supermarkets and reducing waste through disposable usage at the service. Due to limited facilities of the project and hygiene regulations our current model is to serve all meals and hot drinks in takeaway containers, we aim to reduce environmental impact by monitoring usage of these as well as recycling discarded items. All items used in the facility are disposed of appropriately in recycling containers. We plan to continue developing sustainable food practices by building relationships with external partners of whom can assist in guiding the service to achieve its potential.