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Good Food Economy Meeting Minutes – 8th Mar 2023

Meeting Title:Good Food Economy and Procurement 
Date/Time:8/3/23 1-3pm
In attendance:Peter Anstess (UNICUS), Kushboo Naik (STHs), Elaine Harrison (SHSC), Mark Fairnswork (Sheffield Colleges), Neil Peirson (Sheffield Colleges), Peter (PJ Taste), Terry Murphy (SSEN), esther Rosebay (Sheffield Buisness), Christina Limatrindade (Sheffield Business), Martin Yarnit (sheffood), Jade Clarke (University of Sheffield) 
CelebrationsSC: working to use less beige food! And combining food procurement with sustainability, esp wrt local foodSTH’s- educating staff around where food is from, campaign. Renewing new contracts, improve plant based delivery optionsSheffield Made:growing number of stores/producers on the site, and develop emission free delivery optionPJ Taste: Establishing a ‘retail product’ which can incorporate their own grown produce and ensuring that they are fully aware of all local suppliersSHU: working towards SHU Food + Drink Healthy Eating PolicyUNICUS: food strategy in devlopment, 25% single use cups used
What do we look for in suppliers?If a local supplier is on BIDFood or procure wizard  it makes it a  lot easierSTH’s, food safety is very important, would only use suppliers with a very high score. Also consistency of supply is important (ie used to source organic milk but now cant as supply was too unreliableSHSC- problem is storage, and due to our small size, meeting the minimum orderWould like to be able to offer more culturally appropriate foodDefnining the region of local is difficult, Accreditations (modern slavery, organic, red tractor, fair tradePRICE, ie college funded by central gov and customers limit £5 for 2 meals!Things to consider: Similarities in vetting process (salsa,consistency w supply, Food Safety, accreditation)Database of suggested suppliers and whos using themConnecting up smaller suppliers to meet minimum base (SHSC)
What suppliers to we currently use? What do we see as ‘local’STHs’- classifies local as in the UKSHU/SHSC/UNICUS, SC- sees local as within the region
Cafeology used by SCollege, SHU, UNICUS, STHs.Our Cow Molly used by UNICUS and SHUSHU-  country fresh, owen taylor (meat), boughboy
PJs: Moss Valley meats, frazers coffee roaster, perfectionary, batch tea, hedgerow preserves, regather
STHs- brookes bakery
Would you be interested in being part of a food hub?Consensus- Yes, for a small part of our food supply.Need to consider logistics, is this physical or virtual?Need to understand everyones shopping list, what everyone needs and when (ie not in the summer holidays!)Hub members should decide the criteria: distance, culturally, seasonal, nutrition, ethics, low waste, supporting producers in coming in and being part of the hubEnsuring deliveries are consistent, regular, reliable, Need to consider how we transition from current suppliers, action plan persionalised for each org?Need to make sure paperwork and contracts are simple to execute
Next stepsCompile list of current suppliers from all organisations next to shopping list (ie all meat/veg together), and who is using who Understanding what is the current vetting process, and what should we all be working towards in terms of sustainability (what does that look like on the day to day) Selina and Martin to consider next steps in terms of a food hub.