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Good Food Movement – Meeting Minutes – June 2024

Meeting Title:Growing Sheffield’s Good Food Movement: A Plant and Idea Swap
Date/Time:1pm Tuesday 4th June 2024
Location:Sharrow Community Forum
In attendance:1 pm Tuesday 4th June 2024
What is already happening that we want to tell people about?Food education
Nutrition, cooking, health, food waste, food culture (Action 56)
Fruit Trees and growing
(Action 11,72,73)
Composting and Soil Health
Add Twiddle food to action 56 in the Local Food Action Plan
Add Friends of Whirlow Park to Action 11,72 and 73
Add Guy to all composting actions
What are the changes that we would like to see?A circular food waster system
– Food waste as fertiliser
– Community compost enterprise
– Stop food going to incineration
Wider access to community kitchens 
Education about food waste and compost
Selina to put connect Guy to relevant contacts

ShefFood to continue their mapping of Community Kitchens
Who should be involved in making that change happen?– Can Sheffield Hallam’s underused nutrition lab kitchens be used as community kitchens?
– Requests for ShefFood to help people and organisations to source volunteers 

The Good Food Movement