Half Term Fun & Food in Sheffield

Half Term Fun & Food In Sheffield

We’re halfway through the half-term holidays, so if you’re tearing your hair out with what to do for the rest of the week, we’ve got some ideas to keep the kids active. Our city has so much to offer, and helping out in your community is an excellent way for children to spend their holidays. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, People who are socially connected to their community are happier, physically healthier and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than people who are less well connected. Just one of the reasons helping out in the community this week can benefit both you, your family and our city. 

Green Spaces In Sheffield.

Getting out in nature is one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical health, and there is plenty of opportunity in Sheffield. With 13 City parks, 20 district parks and over 50 local parks, there is always a green space to explore nearby. We’ve also got the glorious Peak District National Park right on our doorstep and the most tree cover of any other city in the country.  

Using these spaces is vital in preserving our natural surroundings and helping wildlife thrive. Have kids pick up litter, keeping them out in nature but warm through activity. Provide them with gloves, a plastic bag, and a prize for the best litter picker. Simple fun and great for your community. Visit the Sheffield City Council website to find your nearest green space.

Gardening & Farming

If your kids want to be a little more hands-on, gardening is a great learning tool and keeps them occupied for hours. Like walking in nature, Gardening provides some light exercise and is excellent for mental health. While February isn’t famed for its growing potential, it is a great time to plan for the spring. Getting children involved in the planning process and deciding what they’ll grow will give them some pride in their little garden.  

If you don’t have a garden, visiting allotments or farms is a fun day out for all. Teaching children about rearing animals, and growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers can help them understand our Sheffield food system from an early age. Several farms cater to children’s visits in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, including Heeley City Farm, which is open seven days a week, 9.30 am – 4 pm and has free entry.

Cooking & Food Shopping

Get the kids in the kitchen this weekend and help them discover a passion for food and cooking.  From toddlers to teenagers, involving everyone in creating a meal can be fun and educational. It can be a whole day activity from picking ingredients to prepping, enjoying the final dish and not forgetting to do the pots! Not only will your children learn some essential life skills, but they’ll also have fun doing it. Find your favourite local shop for fresh produce and encourage your children to ask questions. The Moor Market is an excellent place for this with traders offering fresh veg, fish and meat. The perfect learning experience. 

If you’d love to create a meal with the kids but are unsure what to make, we’d recommend a pizza because who doesn’t love pizza! You can get pre-made pizza bases or make the dough yourself; choosing the ingredients and prepping them is the fun part. Ensure that any tasks you let your children help with are age-appropriate, and never leave children unattended when using kitchen equipment. Once cooked, enjoy a movie night with your delicious pizza – the perfect Sunday night meal.