IoSF:Food is our Common Language 16/04/2021

Food is what brings us together. Through food, we form our most profound and most complex relations with other humans and with our environments. Formed well, these relations support health and flourishing; formed badly, they create dysfunctions, inequalities, and degradation.

In the UK, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes to food systems catalysed by Brexit have brought food into the spotlight in an unprecedented way. The ongoing challenges of environmental degradation, diet related morbidities, and food insecurity mean improving food systems from field to fork has never been more pressing.

This conference catalyses interdisciplinary conversations on the most urgent issues associated with food systems today under the umbrella of the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield.

Keynote speakers include:

Henry DimblebyNational Food Strategy

Flora HetheringtonTransforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme

Professor Tim LangCity University of London

Sue PritchardFood, Farming and Countryside Commission

Academics and researchers from the Institute for Sustainable Food will also form panel discussions on:

  1. Justice and food
  2. Changing food
  3. Future of food