Last Minute Gifts in Sheffield 2023

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts in Sheffield for 2023

It’s almost Christmas day! And if you’re a last-minute shopper running out of ideas and time, we’ve got you covered. Sheffield is a haven for independent makers, creators and procurers of fantastic products and produce that would make excellent gifts for any loved one. Not only will you be buying something extraordinary for the holidays, but you’ll be supporting our local Sheffield economy.  Local buying is a powerful financial multiplier, with studies finding that for each £1 spent locally, there can be local re-spending of up to an additional £1.19; that’s over 100% spend increase!

So, our first category of last-minute gifts is perfect for those difficult-to-please friends and family: consumables. Food and drink will always be a good holiday gift as everyone has a favourite treat or tipple. If you find buying a meaningful gift difficult for someone in particular, consumables are a safe bet.   

If you’re looking for something sweet, Cocoa Wonderland has endless chocolaty options.

For the foodie in your life, why not opt for something continental? We’ve got a fantastic range of delis throughout the city offering meats, cheese, chutneys, and much more. Some great options include Porter Brook Deli,  Bragazzi’s and Fruit-a-Peel. Or if you need a special food gift for your vegan or vegetarian friend, you can find some cool items at All Carrot No Stick, Beanie Wholefoods or Down to Earth. 

For those indulging in some alcoholic gifts, there are countless options in a city known for its brewing. Almost all the local breweries, like Neepsend Brew Co and Heist Brewing, offer cases of canned and bottled beers as presents, or pop to Beer Central in the Moor Market, famed for selling local beers as well as national and international options.

If the recipient is more into their wine, Tenaya Wines is a great option, sourcing wine directly from suppliers, often working with female farmers. Or why not look at Starmore Boss’ extensive collection of wine, craft beer and intriguing spirits? They source beer and spirits locally and work directly with wine producers.

While food and drink are classic options, you may very well want to gift something lasting. A plant gift is a great option and will hopefully last with the proper care. Sheffield Fruit Trees offers a fantastic range of fruit trees and bushes acclimatised to Sheffield’s northern climate. Their selection includes plums, gages, apples, cherries, pears and much more.  Or, if your plant-loving friend is just starting out in a garden or vegetable plot, they may love the gift of time and expertise. Regather Farm offers garden consultancy vouchers, an ideal gift for the gardener in your life. 

Regather isn’t the only one doing vouchers. For those looking for experiences rather than products, you are in luck. Many Sheffield organisations offer fantastic gift vouchers, perfect for last-minute gift buying. The School of Artisan Food and Twiddle Food offer cooking class vouchers for various foods and techniques. 

But, if your friend is more into their eating than the cooking, why not get them a voucher for Kelham Island Food Tours? They offer guided food and drink tours around the historic area of Kelham Island.

You can, of course, make your own ‘voucher’ and let your loved one know you’d love to take them out to their, or your, favourite restaurant in the region. Sheffield has a wildly diverse selection of cuisines from around the world. Why not treat someone to a slap-up meal at Lavang Indian restaurant, coffee and cake at Dana Cafe, or a spot of lunch at Church: Temple of Fun? We’ve got so many options in Sheffield they’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lastly, if you are still struggling to think of something for that special someone, why not give a donation gift in their name? This holiday is the season of giving, and helping those in need can be the most beautiful gift. Sheffield is home to many amazing charitable and community-led organisations assisting people from all walks of life.  Many are run entirely by volunteers and on donations from the public, and December can be a vital time of the year for donations to them. 

You can donate to any of the number of food banks, pantries and social spaces in the region, such as the S12 Community Pantry, S6 Food Bank, Church on the Corner, The Sunday Centre, Fareshare Yorkshire, Food Works and Open Kitchen Social Club. While many request food donations, monetary donations are very welcome as they allow organisations to support running costs, buy additional items they may need and help pay for any staff they have. Donating in someone’s name is an easy last-minute gift that you can write about in a Christmas card to your loved ones. 

Hopefully, this has given you some good inspiration for your holiday shopping. Now get it ticked off your list this weekend so that you can relax with a hot chocolate or two.