sheffood village

ShefFood Village 25/05/2019

Join Sheffield’s food for purpose organisations in the Winter Garden and Millennium Square.

What’s Happening in the ShefFood Village?

Sheffield hosts a fantastic range of organisations who engage with food the people of Sheffield at every stage of our food system – from growing vegetables, to learning how to cook, to dealing with food waste. Join us in the ShefFood Village to share food, drink and conversation together, to enjoy hands-on activities, to meet and chat with the people making it happen and to learn how we can all work together to make the food system in Sheffield better for everyone. The ShefFood Village is proudly co-presented by…

Food Works- working to reduce food waste and show what can be done with it in the right hands. Sheffield Climate Alliance- taking fair and effective action to tackle climate change. Regather- helping Sheffield communities eat better food.

There will be hands-on activities and people who will talk with you about… Seed Sowing | Fruit Juicing | Cooking and Eating Together | Making Beer and Cider | Reducing Food Waste | Food and Climate Change | Food Citizenship | Beekeeping | Seed Swapping | Keeping an Allotment | Community Food Growing | Zero Packaging | Home Composting | Keeping Chickens at Home | Healthy Eating | Food Partnerships | Being Sugar Smart | and much more…

Food Explorers Trail | Sat – Mon | 11-6pm

Have fun exploring the Sheffield Food Festival with the ShefFood Explorers Trail. Follow the trail, answer the questions and get your reward! Learn fun food facts and how your food system works. Pick up the trail leaflet from Regather in the ShefFood Village. Suitable for all ages.

Food For Thought ‘Table Talks’ | Sat – Mon | 12-4pm

Curious about food and how we feed ourselves? Passionate about better food for everyone? Look out for the ‘ShefFood’ t-shirts and the ‘Table Talks’ signs and join us to share food, drink and conversation together and learn how we can all work together to make the food system in Sheffield better for everyone.

Mr & Mrs VegHead | Sat – Mon | 12-2pm

A Sheffield Food Festival twist to everyone’s favourite Mr Potato Head, everything you need to make a crazy fruit and veg head will be provided. There will be fruit & veg head selfies to share on social media, and a competition for the best head ever!! Suitable for all ages.

No Junk Fruit Juicing | Sat | 2-4pm

Kids love drinking fruit juice, but do they know how easy it is to make? Kids can get hands on and messy as they learn about the simple process of making (and drinking!) fruit juice. Fresh fruit, leftover fruit or any fruit that would otherwise go to waste will be available to use, so it’s a great opportunity to learn about reducing food waste too.

Keeping Chickens At Home | Sun | 2-4pm

Kids love visiting the farm and learning where their food comes from. Kids also love taking care of pets. Keeping chickens is a great way to combine both, plus the family gets to eat fresh, tasty eggs. There will be a small flock of hens to watch and feed, and people who are passionate about chickens to talk with.

Kids Seed Sowing | Mon | 2-4pm

Kids love growing their own veg & once they have grown their own they are more likely to eat them and they’ll have learned a little bit about where food comes from. Kids can decorate their own pot and plant some veggie seeds to take home. Even if you don’t have a garden you can grow your own delicious vegetables in a window box or on a balcony, it’s easy!

Disco Soup | Sat – Mon | 4-6pm

Join the party as we collect, chop, and cook leftover food or any food that would otherwise go to waste. The music will be pumping, everyone will be dancing and we’ll all enjoy delicious soup