Sustainable Food Places

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Bronze Award

Sustainable Food Places (SFP) is a partnership programme that supports places across the UK on their journey towards creating sustainable, equitable and healthy food systems. The programme runs an award scheme which recognises places who are undertaking this journey, with the opportunity to win Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Sheffield has a plethora of action across SFP’s 6 key issues which can be used to evidence a coherent Brzone application. There are multiple benefits to receiving this award, with the primary being to recognise and celebrate the citywide action that is happening to create a more sustainable, equitable and healthy food system for Sheffield.

We also hope, if Sheffield receives the Bronze Award, to apply for the Bronze-to-Silver grant, which would help ShefFood support, amplify, coordinate and deliver further action across the city and instigate systematic change to our food system, with the help of all our partners and the Sheffield community.

We are working on the finishing touches to our Bronze Application and hope to submit it by 30th April 2021. The finished document will be available to view.

Sustainable Food Places

The SFP application form breaks down a sustainable, healthy and equitable food system into six key issues. To achieve the award we have researched, contacted and collaborated with organisations and communities across Sheffield to highlight how Sheffield is tackling each key issue. These being;

  1. Taking a strategic and collaborative approach to good food governance and action.
  2. Building public awareness, active food citizenship and a local good food movement
  3. Tackling food poverty and diet related ill-health and increasing access to affordable healthy food.
  4. Creating a vibrant, prosperous and diverse sustainable food economy.
  5. Transforming catering and procurement and revitalizing local and sustainable food supply chains.
  6. Tackling the climate and nature emergency through sustainable food & farming and an end to food waste

Take a lot at our Sustainable Food Page for more information.