Sheffield Sustainable Food Places

ShefFood is Sheffield’s Food Partnership and a Sustainable Food Places member.

About Sustainable Food Places

Sustainable Food Places (SFP) is a partnership programme that supports places across the UK on their journey towards creating sustainable, equitable and healthy food systems. The programme runs an award scheme which recognises places who are undertaking this journey, with the opportunity to win Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

The SFP awards are based on a partnership being able to evidence their progress in six key areas which are focused on building a sustainable, healthy and equitable food system.

Sheffield was awarded a Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award in 2021. ShefFood is now working with its partners and city-wide organisations to achieve the Sustainable Food Places’ Silver Award.

SFP’s Six Key Issues

  1. Taking a strategic and collaborative approach to good food governance and action.
  2. Building public awareness, active food citizenship and a local good food movement
  3. Tackling food poverty and diet related ill-health and increasing access to affordable healthy food.
  4. Creating a vibrant, prosperous and diverse sustainable food economy.
  5. Transforming catering and procurement and revitalizing local and sustainable food supply chains.
  6. Tackling the climate and nature emergency through sustainable food & farming and an end to food waste

Pathways to SFP Silver Award

ShefFood, having won the Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award in 2021, is now working towards achieving the Silver Award within the next few years. Some of the actions we are focusing on include:

  • Partnering with anchor institutions in Sheffield, including The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Increasing our capacity as an organisation to reach more local people, support more partner organisations and run more events.
  • Working with Sheffield City Council to strategise and implement sustainable food systems and bolstering the local economy.
  • Applying for funding through grants and campaigns that focus on building better food systems for all.
  • Setting up a dedicated steering group to focus our mission.
  • Creating a range of themed working groups for specific areas of development in our overarching food strategy.

Sheffield’s SFP Bronze Award

To achieve the award we researched, contacted and collaborated with organisations and communities across Sheffield to highlight how Sheffield is tackling each key issue. This is a list of our recent achievements and campaigns.  

  • Sheffield was awarded a Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award in 2021.
  • Organised regular Covid-19 Response online meetings, email bulletins and social media posts throughout the CV19 crisis to connect & support food system organisations, share best practice and coordinate activity
  • Supported the SFP Day of Celebration and Action with social media posts and newsletter feature
  • Delivered the Veg Cities Fresh St campaign offering fruit and vegetable cash transfer vouchers
  • Participating in the Self-Organising Action for Food Equity (SAFE) digital & comms infrastructure project to support multi-organisational food partnership working in Sheffield
  • Organising the ShefFood Bronze Accelerator food partnership development workshop
  • Produced the ShefFood Village area of the Sheffield Food Festival 2019
  • Launched the Discussions Over Dinner event series in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and Food Works Sheffield.

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