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Community Food Provision – Meeting Minutes – June 2024

Meeting Title:ShefFood Community Food Provision Working Group Meeting 13/06/24
Date/Time:4pm- 6pm 13th June 2024
Location:Common Ground Community Centre
In attendance:May Connolly, Gavin Martin, Muna Taha, Wendy Nolan, Aaron Firth, Isaac Wallace, Elliott Bint, Andy Hook, Daryl Bishop, Colin Havard, David Price, Rosa Dunkely, Sarah Hooker, Nell Attwood, Selina Treuherz, Rachael Treharne, David Price
Apologies:Helen (Stocksbridge Foodbank), Jayne Franklin (S6 Foodbank), Ben Cooper (S6 Foodbank), Rob Malyan (Community Connections), Andrew Wright (Community Connections), Lana Simpson (Sheffield City Council), Ollie Chesworth, Jayne (S12 Food Pantry), Barbara Russell, Terry Gallagher
IntroductionsPoints for info:
Bags of Taste: major, long-term project in Sheffield, but no physical base here. Looking at developing work elsewhere in Yorkshire and keen to link up with Sheffield-based organisations. 
Ben’s Centre: Have a space that possibly could be rented out or used by the right partner. 
ALL: Reach out to Sarah or Daryl if interested.
Community Food Provision MappingFood provision map
– Major update
– Now 80+ providers included on the map with up to date opening hours etc
– These include food banks, community fridges, even a community garden
Updating the map is part of a broader mapping and communication package – it is a work in progress, lots more to come.

The map and webpage are primarily aimed at support workers and others looking for food-related signposting and at individuals seeking support for themselves.

The map is so far filterable by provision type. There was interest in more detailed filtering, for example by cost. We will develop the map to be more ‘tailor-able’, but the resources hub on the webpage will also be able to meet this need.
ALL: Share any corrections or updates for the map and any feedback on the map/the webpage.
Community Connections GrantsSelina lead discussion
David from Community Connections
One of SCC’s ‘post’ cost of living crisis resilience measures is the Community Connections small grants. These grants, totalling £60k, have gone to 23 orgs that are bringing their communities together over food. 

Process has gone well, particularly the change from a more traditional grant application process to running a grant surgery at St Mary’s. This contributed to a high level of success among those making applications.

Full report will soon be published. David will be one of the two monitoring officers visiting groups who have been successful starting in July

Official stance is that this was a one-off funding pot, but the team are doing everything that can be done to make that not the case. 
Open invitation to reach out about the
Kitchen MappingSelina lead discussion
Intro to kitchen mapping project: this involves making a non-exhaustive map of community kitchens across the city, including information about factors like availability and cost. 

The project will also include in-depth interviews which are intended to develop an understanding of any challenges or barriers to use. 

Ben’s Centre and Heeley Development Trust: there is a need for ‘matching’ rather than hiring. Some kitchens will be available for the right partner – not as a for-hire free for all. Utilising some kitchens, even with the right partner, will require new processes being put in place. 

Where will this map be hosted, and how will it be used? I.e., will viewers contact the listed kitchens directly, or will there be any intermediary who might be able to provide more of a ‘matching’ service?
ALL: If you’ve got a kitchen that you want promoting, let Selina know!

ShefFood and SCC: Confirm where the outcomes of the kitchen mapping project will be hosted, how enquiries will be handled, and whether/how kitchens which are not available for general hire but might be available to specific partners might be represented.
An opportunity to discuss sharing assets/redistributing certain items for mutual benefitShefFood:
Consider how best to add redistribution to the Community Food Provision webpage, including links to the Food Works redistribution list and a means to access a collaborative redistribution document.

Food Works: Share surplus redistribution mailing list link – link provided here.

Update on the SYMCA food sourcing: 
Declining levels of food surplus, increasing pressure on S6. 
S6 moving 30 tonnes of food per week through collective food sourcing.
The next challenge is to work with really small food banks who don’t have enough demand to utilise S6 collective food sourcing.
Food Works have first new pop-up market at The Link in Stadbrook up and running, well-received so far – more sites are very welcome. Contact with any ideas.
Reflections1 year on from the local food action plan

Reflections on The Food Ladders (now Community Food Provision) Working Group Action PlanThe Food Ladders Working Group Action Plan – Google Docs

What successes do you want to share from the last year?
– Feeding ~40 people/day at Ben’s Centre.
– S6: Debt coaches, housing officers, support workers from council, citizens advice etc within food banks. Outreach workers supporting community hubs.
– Bags of Taste: 6 programmes a year for 30 people. 73% of people working with have children.  
David: the Community Connections grants went really well – changing to a funding surgery, got good feedback, more tailored support. 
– Mencap: Funding from ICB for healthier lifestyle course in settings like supported living, day centres; talking about mental health, body confidence, food portions. 8 week course with monthly recap. Annual health checks, funding for learning disability trained nurses. 
– Heeley Development Trust: Year ago, didn’t think we did food. Community meal last week – there was no one on staff in the kitchen, beneficiaries leading the work.
– Food Works: saved a lot of food! New pop-up market running, opened pilot of new café site, developing growing side – all powered by 250 volunteers a week – one of largest volunteer orgs in the city. 

Where have you encountered challenges or opportunities for support? 
Mencap & Lunch clubs: transport is a big issue. Not everyone can get from A to B. Anything out of hours or on a weekend. Lots of different independent travel companies who will do door to door – but comes at a premium. David: overall drop in volunteering has affected this, slightly harder now to get minibus driving license, assets like minibuses been mothballed during covid. 

Meeting in July with Connecting Communities – community transport. 

Bags of Taste: main organisational challenge is funding. Long-term funding particular issue, organisational structure (not being a charity) limits the available pots. Trying to broaden the net. Opportunities with partnerships – if anyone has an idea for partnerships very welcome. 

Noted that VAS and SYFAB are a good resource to identify appropriate grants. Provide training as well. 

Nationwide challenge around volunteer availability: VAS is the connection for volunteers. Good volunteers are developed over a long period of time. New Beginnings – opportunity Sheffield. Other options suggested inc. corporate volunteers, community rehab, Good GymHeeley Development Trust have moved away from calling people volunteers, community champions instead. Supported by paid volunteer coordinators. 
Link to the LFAP: 
Reflect discussion in revision of LFAP 

ShefFood PartnersWhat it means to be a ShefFood Partner and how to become one.

ShefFood is a partnership, and exists to celebrate, represent and support our partners. We can provide communications, profile-raising or campaigning support, and a whole range of more bespoke types of support depending on the specific organisation. We always want to hear from local organisations about the successes they want to celebrate or the challenges they’d like support with.
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